• Vol 6 No 1 (2012)

    A Welcome from the New Editor in Chief
    Welcome to the first edition of Nigerian Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research (NJCBR) that I have compiled since taking over the reins as the Editor in Chief, on behalf of the new editorial team made of experienced researchers and academicians. This is an exciting time for us working on NJCBR, as over the next few years we will take the opportunity to re-engineer the journal, reorganize the format, content, and access to NJCBR to enable it function in a style that we hope befits modern thinking, research, technology and development.

  • Vol 6 No 2 (2012)

    Editorial Commentary
    Ethics of Publication

    Fame, recognition and “publish or perish†mentality are some of the factors that push scientist/investigators to engage in scientific fraud. For some others it may be out of shear opportunism, laziness, greed and or pressure from significant others. 

    The definition of scientific fraud is wide and there is no accepted standard definition of it. However there is consensus on what is not a scientific fraud. For example an innocent mistake should not be regarded as fraud. Fabrication, manipulation of data, plagiarism (the use of part or whole of another person’s work without acknowledgment), falsely accepting credit for intellectual content and   non-disclosure of conflicts of interest are the commonly reported scientific fraud.

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